Put your personal contacts to work for Brett Miller’s campaign! Here’s how.

1)    Consider the personal contacts you have who live in the 41st District.  Family members. Co-workers. Church friends. Sports team parents. Whomever.

2)    You can search a database of all registered voters in the 41st District to confirm their address. (Note: this is public information via the PA Department of State.)

>> Search 41st District voters: A-B

>> Search 41st District voters: C-D

>> Search 41st District voters: E-G

>> Search 41st District voters: H-J

>> Search 41st District voters: K-L

>> Search 41st District voters: M-N

>> Search 41st District voters: O-Q

>> Search 41st District voters: R-S

>> Search 41st District voters: T-V

>> Search 41st District voters: W-Z

3)    Get an idea of how many contacts you may have and come up with an estimate of how many postcards you’d like to send on Brett’s behalf. (Send just one postcard to any given household, please. In other words, don't send a husband a card and a wife a card just because they're listed separately in the database.)

4)    Send an email through this page or to team@MillerforPAHouse.com that includes this information:
- Your name and phone number (in case we need to contact you to follow up.)
- The number of postcards you would like to fill out to send to your contacts re: Brett’s campaign.
- The mailing address where we can send those postcards to you.

5) Once you receive the postcards, please fill out the name(s)/address of your contact, and jot a short note on the postcard of why you encourage them to vote for Brett. (Please do not date the postcard.)

6) Once you have your postcards all filled out – DON’T MAIL THEM YOURSELF. Here’s why: campaigns are all about timing.  We want to make sure these postcards are dropped at the best time within the cycle of Brett’s other campaign mailpieces.  

Once you’re done, please put your postcards in an envelope and mail or drop off to:  
Miller Campaign, 971 Cardinal Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601.  

7) Don’t put a stamp on your postcard – the Miller campaign will buy stamps for these.  However – if you’d like to make any size donation to help cover the cost and to help with all costs associated with the campaign, you’re welcome to do so!  Checks are made payable to: Miller Victory Committee.  Feel free to include the check (if you’d like – no pressure) in the same envelope as your postcards.

Let's answer a few more questions.

Q: Does the party of registration matter to the person that I'm sending to? 
A: No. In a general election, as long as you're registered to vote, you can vote for the candidate of your choice on the ballot - regardless of your party affiliation.

Q: What happens if somebody else also sends a postcard to a household that's on my list?
A: The more the merrier! If someone ends up with a few postcards in support of Brett, they should be more convinced than ever that Brett's the best candidate. 

Q: I don't personally live in the 41st District, but I know people who do.  Can I still send the postcards?
A: Of course! If you want to send a note encouraging someone in the 41st District to vote for Brett, your personal endorsement carries weight.  Even if you don't get the opportunity to vote for Brett yourself, your personal contacts will help!

Q: Is there a deadline for me to get my completed postcards back to you?
A: To be on the safe side, please try to get completed postcards back to use no later than Wednesday, October 24.  Don't hold on to them, though, if you're done earlier than that.  You can write your notes at any time and send the postcards back.  We'll hold them and mail them when the right time comes.

Q: There's somebody I think should be on the database of voters who's not.  Should I send it to them anyway?
A: Probably not. This list is pretty current - so it might miss just a few recent registrants.  The person you know may actually live outside of the boundaries of the district or they may not be registered to vote.  It's best just to stick with the names on the list.

Q: I know someone else who wants to send these postcards for Brett. What do I do?
A: Great! We'll take the help.  Just direct them to this page (http://www.MillerforPAHouse.com/postcards) for the instructions and have them send their request.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?
A: Send your question via this page. We'll get back to you with an answer.

Thank you for your willingness to help in this way!

Postcard sample. Other side is blank for your note and the address of the recipient.

Postcard sample. Other side is blank for your note and the address of the recipient.